Q&A with Dime

PL = Phil Lavoie – Co-Founder, Dime

MR = Mark Regimbal – Brand Partnerships, Dime


1. When did you first come in to contact with skateboarding? What can you remember about that time?

MR: I’m dating myself here, but I saw 3 kids on top of a hill by my school in 1987 with skateboards when I was 9 years old. I saw my future at that moment, and I was off to the local skate shop the next day to confront my destiny.

PL: My friend and I were playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and we were having a heated argument whether it’s possible to powerslide or not. I truly believed it was impossible. We decided to try out skating. 2 weeks later he stopped skating and I myself eventually found out it was possible. Now, here I am.


2. What’s your favourite skate trick to do yourself? Is that different from your favourite to watch?

MR: Frontside noseslide to do myself. It feels so good when done with authority. To watch, it’s absolutely a proper backside flip or sw backside flip. Honorable mention to all the legendary picnic tables, garbage cans, and fire hydrants that have been an accessory to a perfect sw flip.

PL: For me, 360 flips to do but I like watching good kick flip.


3. What inspires you to work within skate culture day in, day out?

MR: Working in a space with genuine fun and passion is something to remind me of how lucky I am everyday. I start and end work with a smile on my face.

PL: Working with my friends everyday and it being a fun subject always.


4. Apart from Montreal, what is the best city Dime has hosted in and why?

MR: Paris has its obvious ties to the brand with the language and culture. That said, Paris was great last Summer because the people were fantastic and energized. The people make or break any event or activation. They create the atmosphere.

PL: True, what Mark said, but I would also add our event in Los Angeles with adidas since Keanu Reeves and Samuel L Jackson arrived to our party in limousines.


5. If you could master one trick that you haven’t yet already, which would it be and why? 

MR: The trick where you work smarter not harder.

PL: Either a Christ Air or Falcon Plant. Obviously.


6. Favourite music to listen to while skating? How is that different, if at all, to music you listen to when you aren’t skating?

MR: I don’t (or never did) listen to music while actually skating. I love the sounds skateboarding makes and the general noise of your surroundings. Sounds of wheels and speed cannot be matched IMO. Outside of skating it’s a mixed bag, but primarily driven by anything heavy from any genre.

PL: Same, I like every genre of music as long as it’s good.


7. How would you describe the relationship between music and skateboarding in your life?

MR: I was talking to someone about this the other day. I’m so fascinated by how in skate videos a good song can make or break a part. I’ll describe the relationship as mandatory. That said, The Eastern Exposure videos and Dan Wolfe certainly started me on an afiinity for B&W footy and no music. I guess it just made me appreciate music that much more when connected to skating in the right way. Lennie Kirk’s AWS Timecode part is pure perfection in terms of music meeting skateboarding. Again, dating myself. So, let’s say recently that Nik Stain’s footy with Nirvana’s Tourette’s in one of John Wilson’s videos is another good example of alchemy.

PL: I’ve been making skate videos now most of my life. The two most important parts of that are the skating and music. This makes the music so vital. This pushed me everytime I made a video to find music that gives justice to the quality of the skateboarding that went in the projects. It’s always fun for me to either dig for new songs or exchange music ideas with friends that know music well. Shoutout to everyone who has ever passed along a track for any Dime videos.


8. Can you remember the first album you bought?

MR: Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction

PL: Prodigy – The Fat of the Land


9. Name five songs in your rotation right now?

MR: Artists might be easier as I try and dig deep outside of random tracks. Faye Webster, Boy Genius, Drain, Laufey, and Ministry as of late.

PL: I’ll do artists too. Darude of course! Jul, Actress, Sade, and DJ Rashad.


10. What is your favourite song or album of all time?

MR: Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins. Holds up decade after decade.

PL: Sade – Diamond Life


11. Lastly, what does Dime have planned for 2024?

MR: So much. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it all. Team is working so hard over here to make fans of the brand smile every chance we get.

PL: Exactly.



Photo Credit: Ryan Lebel / Dime

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