Q&A with Ray Corey

On this instalment of the The Flow’s interview series, we sat down with professional skater and music lover Ray Corey. Ray takes us through his journey in skateboarding and drops gems from the likes of Mr. Kitty, P.O.D and more. Take a read to find out more about the mercurial Californian skateboarder


1. When did you first come in to contact with skateboarding?

I first came into contact with skateboarding when I saw a family friend doing it in my yard when they were over. I was about three or four years old. He was doing a kickflip and I thought it was so cool and wanted to figure out how to do it myself.


2. What’s your favourite skate trick? 

My favourite skate trick is a hardflip, the feeling when you catch it feels so good,


3. Name a song that inspires you?

A song that inspires me would have to be Boom by P.O.D. when I was younger I would listen to it all the time and it would hype me up so much. I still listen to it today when I'm filming a trick and it gets me so pumped to go jump down something and just battle the trick.


4. Where is your favourite place to skate?

My favourite place to skate ever was the Vans Indoor skatepark. That was my second home, if I was not at my house I was there everyday. But unfortunately it is closed so now my favourite place to skate is Tustin Legacy Skatepark


5. If you could master one trick that you haven’t yet already, which would it be and why?

I would love to be able to master Switch 360 Flips. It is the hardest trick for me and I have been trying to figure them out for awhile. I will get them down one day.


6. If you could session with any skater in the world right now, who would it be and why?

I would love to be able to session with would be Bob Burnquist. I say Bob because I have always wanted to see him do the tricks and stunts he does on the mega ramp in person and think it would be amazing to talk to him about what made him start doing that.


7. Favourite music to listen to while skating? 

I listen to everything, it mainly depends on my mood that day. However I am feeling when I wake up determines the kind of music or vibe of music I will put on that day.


8. How would you describe the relationship between music and skateboarding in your life? 

It plays a big part in skateboarding for me. I love music and have it playing all the time no matter what I am doing. I will put music on when I am out battling a spot just to make the vibes more enjoyable and not as serious. When I am trying to learn a new trick music helps clear my mind a lot as well and calm me down or hype me up to get that trick.


9. Can you remember the first album you bought?

My first album I ever got was Hybrid Theory by Likin Park. I loved that cd so much, I played it on my moms cd player everyday all day when I was little. We got in a car accident when I was on my way to Kindergarten and I remember we were all okay but the car had to go to the shop and I was bummed because I left that cd in there.


10. Favourite song/album?

This is always a question where my answer changes all the time. I would say right now that my favourite song would be After Dark by Mr. Kitty. It is a newer song today but there is something with how the song makes me feel that I just love and can put on no matter when and just feel relaxed.



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